Build any NFT experience imaginable

Whether you wish to engage your audience with digital collectibles, unlockable content, rewards programs or anything else, the QonBay team, with its expertise in blockchain technology, is here to guide you.

The pass for your exclusive metaverse experience

The NFT project is just the beginning of the creation of a whole virtual ecosystem. It brings together like-minded individuals to meet, interact and be wowed by the creativity and innovation of this new global virtual destination. A seamless blend of virtual and reality is experienced by all.

QonBay is a hub that offers unique and trustful shopping experiences through blockchain and smart contract technology. Our meticulously-built platform comprises a range of services created by robust teams of eftPay and Laclary.


Digital Discount Coupons

There is always the chance that you might lose a paper coupon, but the chance of forgetting one’s cell phone is a rarity. Merchants can create their own digital coupons based on their subscription plan, and gain data for further analysis through them.

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NFT Tokens for Premium Goods

These provide merchants with digital marketing based on exclusivity rather than merely on discounting. They reward the loyal customers with member-exclusive promotions and limited offerings by leveraging the NFT services provided by QonBay.

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QonBay is an integrated marketplace and loyalty program supplemented with a variety of business solution.

Digital Coupon / Vouchers and Redemption

Offer digital coupons /vouchers / memberships, etc. in unique QR code or minted with NFT.


NFT Marketplace

C2C marketplace for minting and reselling NFTs.

Verification of product’s original journey to ensure authenticity, safety, traceability and sustainability

Brand protection and security solutions through secured hidden marks on product badges

Cross-border payment services with connected wallets, including, but not limited to, Alipay, WeChat, Grab, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, MetaMask, Coinbase

Enhancement of exposure to consumers, especially during marketing campaigns, through brand promotion and integration with high-performing partners

Business solution enhancement (e.g. CRM system set-up, online ordering system)

User data analysis

QonBay NFT SaaS & Custom Model

Tokenization & Management

Digital Asset Wallet

Primary/Secondary Tradable Market

Custody Service

Blockchain Ledger

Integration into the Metaverse

Payment Solutions

QonBay has created both crypto-currency and fiat methods to provide stability in relation to assets, NFTs, and blockchain technologies. Brands have different options to collect their income.

QonBay provides both online (website) and offline payment (brick-and-mortar store) payment-solutions for users and merchants facilitate in a seamless onboarding process.

Anti-Counterfeit Solutions

Trademark infringement may arise when an unauthorised party mints an NFT linked to the underlying asset, without the asset owner’s permission, and advertises, offers for sale and/or sells the NFT using the asset owner’s registered trade marks.

All of the products listed on QonBay are screened and verified on our unique built-in blockchain verification portal that upholds our five core values: Authenticity, Traceability, Transparency, Safety, and Sustainability.

In addition, the NFT token can be linked to physical merchandise by leveraging the blockchain anti-counterfeit tagging technology.

Each tamper-proof label (with an embedded code) can be scanned by smartphone to show the digital certificate of authenticity recorded on blockchain.

A digital certificate records the product’s origin, details, creator and description, in addition to proof of ownership.

Over 30,000 Merchants and Top Tier IPs for Business Collaboration

The Platform includes renowned 5-star hotel groups, F&B conglomerates and a plethora of top-tier IPs and retail brands, that leverage QonBay to co-create, co-produce and co-distribute their exclusive NFTs.

Chow Tai Fook ING & PHANTACi by Jay Chou

These IPs and brands cover a wide range of industries including: celebrities, artists, influencers, fashion, automobiles, toys, esports, sports, galleries and so forth.

Sell and mint on QonBay with all the features