The pass for creating your Web3 loyalty platform

QonBay is a hub that offers unique and trustful shopping experiences through blockchain and smart contract technology. It facilitates the transformation of brands in the world of Web3, leveraging blockchain, NFTs and metaverse successfully and authentically.

Create your tokenized digital coupons

There is always the chance that you might lose a paper coupon, but the chance of forgetting one’s cell phone is a rarity. Merchants can create their own digital coupons based on their subscription plan, and gain data for further analysis through them.

Create and sell your NFTs or digital collectibles

These provide merchants with digital marketing based on exclusivity rather than merely on discounting. They reward the loyal customers with member-exclusive promotions and limited offerings by leveraging the NFT services provided by QonBay.

Feature your digital assets on high-traffic sites

We help businesses feature tokenized coupons, NFTs, or digital collectibles on high-traffic platforms to reach out millions of users. With our marketing expertise and the power of social media, you can be sure that your product will get maximum exposure.

Accessible to both Chinese and Western markets

Our cross-chain solutions forge bridges between Chinese and Western markets and facilitate brands to deploy Web3 tactics internationally, bringing together diverse stakeholders such as buyers and collaborators.

Our Features

Verification of product’s original journey to ensure authenticity, safety, traceability and sustainability

Brand protection and security solutions through secured hidden marks on product badges

Cross-border payment services with connected wallets, including, but not limited to, Alipay, WeChat, Grab, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, MetaMask, Coinbase

Enhancement of exposure to consumers, especially during marketing campaigns, through brand promotion and integration with high-performing partners

Business solution enhancement (e.g. CRM system set-up, online ordering system)

User data analysis

QonBay NFT SaaS & Custom Model

Tokenization & Management

Digital Asset Wallet

Primary/Secondary Tradable Market

Custody Service

Blockchain Ledger

Integration into the Metaverse

Our Solutions

A ready-made framework with a great suite of services

The infrastructure offers cutting-edge tools to digitize or tokenize the assets at a massive scale and competitive cost.

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Our Products

Metaverse Shopping Experience

Shop with avatars to try on and purchase outfits, jewelry, food, household items, and cuddly toys in the metaverse.

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Physical Goods to NFT Transformation

NFTs can be enhanced through the use of digital twins- virtual copies of physical assets that share data with the originals. This would improve the reliability and exchangeability of the assets.

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Proof of Ownership and Authenticity

All the products that are listed undergo stringent verification through the built-in blockchain system and third-party certification, while information about a product’s origin, ingredients or journey further attest to its safety, traceability, and sustainability.

Transform Your Metaverse in Reality

Enter the metaverse physically without the use of Oculus or other gadgets, and enjoy both physical and digital goods in a real-life setting.

Mastercard is partnering with Web3 stakeholders to develop an on-chain framework for identity and verification that can be leveraged in various applications, such as payments, remittances, ticketing, and NFTs. The Mastercard Start Path Digital Assets program has recognized's potential, offering them a tremendous opportunity to enhance their innovative solutions and contribute to shaping the future of commerce.

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byonPAYLATER – “6+6” Payment Holiday Special Offer​

BYON, the financing partner of QonBay, is offering an unique payment solution, byonPAYLATER *to financially support your Web3 transformation* – customers can enjoy 6 months of interest-free repayment break, then repay in 6 monthly instalments *to enjoy more flexibility*. ​

Case Studies

Largest NFT & Metaverse Exhibition in Asia

Artaverse Harbour Front 2022 was the largest NFT & Metaverse exhibition in Asia. QonBay created a marketplace for over 150 artists and over 7,000 artworks with NFT minting services. In addition, we provided both online and offline crypto/fiat payment ...

En Voyage with Claude Monet Exhibition

Presented by world-renowned Belgium creative studio Dirty Monitor brought to life roughly 200 Claude Monet paintings through a spectacular 36-minute light and sound show. In one continuous journey, the digital art show took audiences on a 360-degree journey ...

Hang Seng Bank & Daniel Chan’s Concert

The offer of a complimentary NFT pass for a wide range of privileges open to Hang Seng Bank credit card holders. The NFT pass ownership initiates community membership and allows access to exclusive experiences ...

Lubuds City

Lubuds is a well established F&B group in Hong Kong that operates more than 50 outlets including the 1881 Heritage Hotel. It delivers diverse cuisines and has become a hospitality industry conglomerate with its innovative dining concepts.

Bangladesh Fair Trade Products

Bangladesh’s advanced manufacturers are characterized by a high degree of entrepreneurship and strategic management. The sector’s participation in new initiatives regarding climate change and circularity have advanced the sustainability agenda. Infrastructure ...

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